Welcome at Ghoti.nl. This is my portfolio site. With the menu above you can navigate through my projects. Feel free to leave messages or email me with questions. Below are the three latest news items.

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General: Android Tutorials Blog
News posted on 2013-08-30 at 14:10:57
Hi folks!

We have created a new blog with tutorials for Android Game Development. We are just starting but expect quite a few tutorials from this day on!

Check it out: Android Programming Blog

The tutorials will also be added on the tutorials page!

Games: WordStew for Android
News posted on 2012-04-15 at 21:21:00
Our second game of ReIndustries has been launched. WordStewis is a very fun word game that you can play with your friends. Try to find as many words out of 16 random letters as you can. The bigger the words, the more points you get!

Check it out:

Available in Android Market

WordStew website

Games: Castles Under Siege Released
News posted on 2012-01-11 at 15:00:28
The first game of ReIndustries has been launched. Castles Under Siege is an action/arcade card game in which you have to destroy your opponents castle or build your own castle to great heights.

Check it out:

Available in Android Market

Castles Under Siege website

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