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General information

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Action, Racing
Sony's PSP

The game

Raze is a futuristic highspeed racegame in which you have to race around on small tracks. The goal is to finish first but this is not as simple as it seems. Every racer has weapons at hand and will not hesitate to destroy you. You have to fight your way to the finish.

Raze is currently in development but it will have cool gamemodes:
  • Single Race
  • Time Trial
  • Championship
  • Career
The weapons that are currently included are: Rockets, Mines and Nitro. AI offers 4 difficulty modes.

Screenshots of development


Changelog v0.1 Download offline
Gamefiles Download offline


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Comment posted on 2008-09-25 at 13:18:30
Great! Really want to see it running! XD.... How much time have you spent on it? Will you give us the source?

This game is coming nicely! I have already finish a lot of stuff including the AI of the planes, collision detection, weapons, quite some tracks and a lot more. So stay tuned!

Comment posted on 2008-09-23 at 03:31:08
Wow! This looks great! I would LOVE to Beat test when it is ready! I have a PSP Slim, too.

Cool, if you would send me a mail so that I can contact you when I can release some beta version I can use your help!

Comment posted on 2008-09-09 at 01:21:50
Dude it looks so awesome i wanna beta test it so bad on 4.xx slim

Ha cool! It is going nicely with this game :) have implemented heat seeking missile :D, it is not in the beta stage yet but please mail me your mail address so I can ask you to beta test when it is in that stage!

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