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General information

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Boxy II
2D puzzle game
Sony's PSP

The game

Boxy 2 is an improved clone of the game Lumines. You have to eliminate as much blocks as you can. Blocks of 4 fall down and you can turn them clockwise or counterclockwise to drop them in any rotation as you desire. Whenever there is made a 4 block of the same color the sweepline will destroy them and points will be given. The more blocks the sweepline eliminates in a sweep the more points and bonusmultiplyers you get. New blocks keep coming and the fallingspeed increases over time. The longer you hold on the more points you score. In Boxy 2 there are also special blocks. These blocks destroy every chainconnect block that has the same color.

This game features:

  • 4 Game modes: Classic mode, Random mode, Chaos mode and Frantic mode
  • Animated skins
  • Increased difficulty over time
  • Seperate Highscores for the four game modes
  • MP3 buffering playing of the Music folder of Sony's PSP
  • Customisable Skins
  • Customisable sound FX
  • Chaosmode has bombs, antigravity times, drunken style and alot more strange effects
  • Ingame menu to control sound, music and to end the game.
Boxy 2 has 4 great gamemodes but what are they? what gameplay should we expect ?

Classic mode

Classic mode has just the normal gameplay elements. You have to get the highest score by eliminating as much blocks as possible. You can eliminate the blocks by making larger square area's of the same colored blocks. When the sweepline passes the large square area's it marks them for deletion. When they are deleted you'll get points for this. The more you delete the more bonuses you get. This gamemode uses the themes in alphabetical order so everytime you play this gamemode the sequence of themes will be exact the same as the previous time you played it.

Random mode

This game is almost exact the same as the classicmode. The only difference is that the themes will be played in a random order so everytime you play this mode the themes order will be different. You never know what to expect. This makes this gamemode fun everytime you play it.

Chaos mode

This gamemode has the same basic elements from the classic mode but it also has a lot of extra fun stuff in it. For one, you have strange game events. One of them is the Anti-Gravity mode. This mode delivers a whole new feel to the game. When the event takes place the blocks do not go down even if there is no block underneath it. This way you have to carefully place your quads to take care that you won't loose the game. Another event is the Drunkenmode. This event delivers strange control effect. Left becomes right and vica versa. This way you have to think well which button you'll press to make your quad go the right way.

Another aspect of this gamemode is the use of bombs. These will fall down just like normal blocks. When they touch the ground countdown has started. It counts down to zero and then it explodes. With the explosion it eliminates the whole row of blocks. The themes in this mode are in random order.

Frantic mode

The frantic mode is for all people how think the classic and random gamemode is to slow at the beginning. This gamemode is the same as the random gamemode but the speed of the blocks is alot faster! This gamemode is for the real speedfreaks.



Leftmove the quad left
Rightmove the quad right
Downmove the quad down
Crossrotate quad
Circlerotate quad other way around
Startpause the game
Right shoulder buttonplay next song
Left shoulder buttonplay previous song

Paused game

selectexit to mainmenu

Main menu

Leftchange pages
Rightchange pages
Downmove down the menu or submenu
Upmove up the menu or submenu
Crossselect (or change value in options)



Gamefiles (19 MB) Download online
Gamefiles (alternative link) (19 MB) Download offline
Changelog v0.7.1 Download online
HowTo: make your own custom themes (PDF) Download online


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Comment posted on 2008-09-25 at 13:21:29
Lumines with 19MB? hmmm....

Yes, it has quite a few themes and some with animated backgrounds. It could be lowered by using better compression but I have not had the time to do so.

Comment posted on 2008-05-05 at 11:19:11
Do you have any plans to release the game for the 3.xx kernel, because this game was more fun to play than many of the original psp games.

Hi, well thanks for the nice comment but at the moment I do not have a unit with 3.xx kernel to test it on, so I can not do it. If you want to test my versions mail me then we can try it that way.

Comment posted on 2007-11-25 at 03:32:57
I'm sorry to be such a drag but do you think you could update the Boxy II to 3.xx kernel. I will beta test it if you want. I played it a while back on my Fat PSP before its screen broke. It was truly better than Lumines.
Yes it will be released for the 3.xx versions. I have a beta tester now.

Comment posted on 2007-11-17 at 16:00:36
Itīs dosenīt work on 3.71 M33-3 Error: (80020148)

Comment posted on 2007-09-26 at 19:51:54
The game crashes occasionally when going from one level to another. i am using ver 0.7 on a fat psp with M33 update 4 firmware running the 1.5 kernel. I am also using my own .mp3's in the psp/music directory.

Ghoti: Yes I have heard of it. The game however was not made for the m33 firmware. Since I do not have that firmware it is hard to see what goes wrong. I am however busy with small improvements which will be released soon. Maybe those improvements will solve it.

PSP Geek
Comment posted on 2007-08-27 at 18:42:49
This game is better than Lumines!!! It is the best game for the PSP!!!

Comment posted on 2007-07-09 at 13:13:46
Very great game !!

Comment posted on 2007-05-13 at 13:58:03
Geweldig hoor!!

Comment posted on 2007-05-06 at 16:49:32
Cool game, highly addictive :-D

Comment posted on 2007-05-06 at 10:40:08
Nice game!

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