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This is the page of my MultiMedia Retrieval Grid function.

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MMR Grid function
Visual Basic


This MultiMedia Retrieval Grid Function is a content based image retrieval technique. The program only uses black objects with a white background as images. The technique firstly extracts the object from the background. This is done by searching the smallest and highest pixel value that holds the object in both the length and height of the image. This way all white lines that do not hold the object are eliminated. The resulting image will be smaller or equal to the source image. The image will be scaled to a width of 256 pixels. After this the image will be cut into parts of 16x16 pixels. The blocks will be tested to see how much of the block is covered by the object. This is done per line. If a block holds more then 40% black pixels then a 1 is added to the comparecode and otherwise a zero will be added to the code. The resulting code will be saved with the image so that you can compare it with other images by using the code. If a code is shorter then another code then the shorter code will be extended with zero's.

This technique can be used for searching image by giving an image. As an example: I pass a picture of an apple to the searchengine and it makes a code from the image. This code is then compared with all the other codes in the database and the images with the smallest distances will be displayed as results.



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