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For my game Boxy 2 I had to create a MP3 streaming function so that users could play the mp3 songs they had on their memorystick. This worked out great so I got some requests if they could use my engine. Also the creator of the Stackless python port contacted me. So I decided to build it into an engine.

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MP3 Streaming engine


This is a MP3 buffering engine. What exactly is buffering mp3 playback? Well it is a techniques which only loads a small part of the mp3 into memory and plays it. As soon as the end of that part is reached the engine loads another part of the mp3 into memory. This way you can playback mp3 songs even though you do not have much memory to spare as I had on the Playstation Portable.

To see the project is was created for, visit Stackless Python port for the PSP

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