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Interactive and Emotional Avatars in Instant Messaging Applications is the title of my master thesis research.

General information

Interactive and Emotional Avatars

Written in:
C++, C#

PC, integrated in Windows Live Messenger

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP

Final release:
August 2008


Our report presents an overview of the research of interactive and emotional three-dimensional avatars and their impact on instant messaging application. There are two issues addressed in this document. The first is whether a three-dimensional interactive character in an interactive virtual environment will improve the entertainment value of instant messaging applications, the functionality to present oneself as a user and the privacy of the user as apposed to using a webcam. The second issue addressed is whether an emotional model for the three-dimensional character will improve the communication between users. A prototype application providing a virtual environment with an emotional driven three-dimensional character will be used to test these issues. Our research incorporates a preliminary survey, which shows promising results in using an emotional driven avatar. The entertainment value increases, there is more functionality to present oneself more accuratly and there is no privacy problem since all content is generated by the application. The emotional model improves the communication subtle.


The interactive and emotional avatar is a very nice add-on for Windows Messenger Live. It enables you to use a 3D representation of yourself and use it in a virtual environmment. Our application lets you use the avatar in a few rooms and your are able to choose out of 4 different characters. You can give these characters all kinds of different clothes and attributes.

The avatars can be controlled by using the mouse or using keywords in your communication. You can for example let your avatar jump, dance or walk. Our intelligent software also triggers the avatar to react on the other avatar. When you wave for example, the other avatar can be configured to automatically react on it. A complex emotional model then decides how to react. We have included a huge collection of actions in the application.

If you want to know more about the project, please read the thesis report and take a look at the screenshots.



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