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On this page you can find every bit of information about Rucky. Rucky was a school project.

General information

Written in:
2D platform action game

The story

The year is 2065. You are Rucky Ruder and you are not only jobless but also homeless. The world is in chaos and you are part of the chaos. Since the Great War where the whole world was turned into chaos due to the introduction of Biological Death weapons you were in hiding. These weapons were able to create projectiles which were both creature and death. These projectiles belonged to the underworld and thus could not be stopped by anything solid in this world. The Great War started just a few days after the first test occured of the BD weapons. The creatures of the underworld did not went back as they should have but stayed on this world killing every living thing they touched. Not long after the first attacks scientist figured out that the creatures were highly intelligent. The world now is dominated by the creatures. One day your brother got killed by those creatures.

You came out of hiding and started on a journey to figure out how you could kill the creatures. At one moment you were given a gun which could fight back. The faith of the world is now in your hands.



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